Thursday, February 01, 2007


The grad school applications have all been sent, hooray! I applied to Hunter College, Brooklyn College and Sarah Lawrence College (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bronxville, NY), Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA) and University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN). I'm so excited and scared. If it doesn't work out, I'll be very disappointed, but at least I tried. I always chickened out or just ran out of time in the past. Now it's in the admissions officers' hands.

To celebrate, Tom took me to a very fancy restaurant, TriBeCa Grill. The food was delicious, and because of a Restaurant Week special it didn't break the bank. On a normal day, we could never have afforded it. I was just so happy and proud for getting the applications done, and it was nice to have someone recognize how hard I worked.

I really want an MFA. If I don't get accepted anyplace that works for me, I'll figure out a plan B to leave my job (because I sure can't stay). The thing is, anything else be be just that: the fall-back. I don't want to live a fall-back life. Well, wish me luck.


Gwen said...

Wait a minute! Hold the phone! What happened to U of I????

Anonymous said...

U of I has a January deadline, which I could not meet. The schools I've applied to have a February deadline.