Thursday, February 22, 2007

Road Trip: Jerome and Sedona

My grandparents and I took a road trip!
Check out the photos.

A view along the road to Jerome. It was a very twisty road, by the way.

A street in Jerome, which was a boom town, then a ghost town, and is now an artist/tourism town.

After Jerome, we went to Sedona. Our first stop was a sandwich shop with a terrace where we snapped this photo. Then we went to the fabulous Cold Stone Creamery.

My grandparents aren't much for Sedona's psychics-and-crystals scene, but we did stop at Tlaquepaque. It's a shopping center that is built to look like a Mexican village...which, in turn, I think was originally a Spanish mission.

The place had lots of art like these twirly wind sculpture things. Note the red rocks in the distance.

More art!

If you squint, you can see Grandma driving us home.

Grandpa doesn't like this picture. He thinks he looks like a grumpy old man, but I think he looks dapper.

This was our last view of the red rocks while heading home to Prescott Valley.

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