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Modern Music

I wrote this in December of 1998 about Modern Music, a concert I sang in senior year of high school.

Depression and a prayer.

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Meeting Aaron

Monday, November 02, 1998

Monday, September 14, 1998

Vista Choir!

Sunbathing, bowling, The Dirty Dozen and Malarkies

Because the original journal had a section for things that happened in the day and another for things that happened at night, when I copied it into a more traditional journal, things got jumbled. I've tried to un-jumble them here.

Wednesday, September 09, 1998

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Saturday, August 01, 1998

The Journal

Here's the story: I wrote an entire journal using a Pentec purple pen. Then one day, I notice the ink was seeping through the paper and, word-for-word, copied four years worth of entries into a new journal. You see, I thought the trouble was the paper and some weird oil. Nope. It's the ink, which is now seeping through the pages of the new journal. I do not have time to copy the whole journal again, whether by hand to via typing, so I've decided to photograph the pages and upload them to the blog!