Monday, November 02, 1998

College challenges, and meeting Jason.


Kelly said...

Hee hee... ;) Oh Jason. Can't regret a thing about the past...but just had to giggle :) what you're doing. Makes me wish I'd kept some sort of journal for a real length of time.

Might have to make an effort to get the journals from my Europe and NYC interim trips up somewhere. I HAD to do those for the grade ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Jason! Hee.

You know, all through my childhood, I tried to keep a journal. It took me four years to fill that one journal, and now the ink is dissolving. I'm so mad at the Pentec pen company.

I don't know where my journal from the BVU New York trip is. It might have gone to Oz. I do plan to post my Europe journal. Also fun is how pretentious I sounded in some of the entries. Oh, to be 18 again! (Not for a million dollars.)