Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dr. Who and Torchwood Crossover Guide

This week, I contracted a terrible stomach flu and was too nauseated and weak to do much but watch Netflix. First, I watched all of Torchwood, as it had been recommended to me. Then, I decided to go back and watch Dr. Who. The thing is, things get confusing, what with a British airing system so different from what I’m used to in the US and time within the shows being all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.”

I was inspired by my confusion and the most popular entry ever on this blog—the Buffy and Angel Crossover Episode Guide— to create a watching guide for Dr. Who and Torchwood. I’ll give the order in which the shows were originally aired, mentioning specific crossover episodes when possible. For dates, I relied on Wikipedia. Note: Sometimes I label it “CROSSOVER” when the label “SEEDS OF FUTURE SPIN-OFF” would be more accurate. Also, I tried to keep it vague, but there are some SPOILERS.

This is, perhaps, the geekiest thing I’ve ever done. Enjoy!

The Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston

Dr. Who- Series 1- March-June 2005

CROSSOVER: Episode 3- “The Unquiet Dead” In Cardiff, The Doctor and Rose meet a servant, Gwynneth, played by Torchwood’s Eve Myles. Gwynneth is later implied to be Gwen Cooper’s ancestor.

CROSSOVER: Episode 4- “Aliens of London” “Dr.” Toshiko Sato examines a space pig. Mentioned again in Torchwood Season 2 Ep. 13 “Exit Wounds.”

CROSSOVER: Episodes 9-13 “The Empty Child,” “The Doctor Dances,” “Boom Town,” “Bad Wolf” and “The Parting of the Ways” Jack Harkness joins Rose and The Doctor on their travels. “Bad Wolf” also includes the first mention of Torchwood.

The Tenth Doctor David Tennant

Children in Need Special 2005- Found the mini-episode HERE! The Doctor claims he’s leaving Jack behind to rebuild the earth.

Dr. Who Special- “The Christmas Invasion”- December 2005- Note: Although the Christmas special episodes aired in the UK between seasons, on Netflix this is Episode 1 of Series 2.

Dr. Who- Series 2- April-July 2006

Torchwood- Series 1- October 2006 to January 2007*

*Dr. Who Special- “The Runaway Bride”- December 2006. Although Netflix and boxed sets place this as the first episode of season 3, it aired between Torchwood Series 1 episodes 11- “Combat” and 12-“Captain Jack Harkness.”

Dr. Who- Series 3- March-June 2007

CROSSOVER: Episodes 11-13 “Utopia,” “The Sound of Drums” and “Last of the Time Lords” Captain Jack Harkness finally catches up with the doctor and they end up battling The Master.

Dr. Who Children in Need Special - “Time Crash” Found the mini-episode HERE!

Dr. Who Special- “The Voyage of the Damned” December 2007: Although the Christmas special episodes aired in the UK between seasons, on Netflix this is Episode 1 of Series 4.

Torchwood- Series 2- January-April 2008

CROSSOVER: Episodes 6-9 “Reset,” “Dead Man Walking” and “A Day in the Death” Dr. Martha Jones, now of UNIT, comes to help Torchwood investigate a series of murders in Cardiff.

Dr. Who- Series 4 April-July 2008

CROSSOVER: Episodes 12-13 “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End” Ianto, Gwen and all The Doctor’s companions (from the new series) work with him to battle a dangerous foe.

Dr. Who Special- “The Next Doctor”- December 2008- Netflix includes this special as episode 15 of Series 4.

Dr. Who Special- “Planet of the Dead”- April 2009 - Easter special

Torchwood- Series 3- “Children of Earth” miniseries July 2009

Dr. Who Special- “The Waters of Mars”- November 2009

Dr. Who Special- “The End of Time” part 1- December 2009

Dr. Who Special- “The End of Time” part 2- January 2010

The Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith **Note:

I haven’t seen episodes past this point, so I don’t know what crossovers might exist.

Dr. Who- Series 5- April- June 2010

Dr. Who Special- “A Christmas Carol”- December 2010

Dr. Who- Series 6 -First 7 episodes- to air “Spring 2011”

Torchwood “Miracle Day”- Series 4 - to air “Summer 2011” simultaneously in the UK and in the US!

Dr. Who- Series 6- Last 6 episodes- to air “Fall 2011”