Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy V-day!

When I last posted on this blog, I was just returning to school after extreme illness. I managed to finish the weekend alright. Friday I went out with my girlfriends, as usual, at Blue Angel. Saturday during the day I spent time with Tom, although I went home to bed early and he went to a heavy metal show to hear the band Mastadon. Sunday I did some errand-running and grading in preparation for parent teacher conferences this week. Monday I did some marathon laundering (expensive and time-consuming!) at the laundromat. Tuesday was a half-day of teaching with a half-day of parent-teacher conferencing. Then I went to the doctor and he put me on new meds for a lingering infection. I've had so many ear, sinus, respiratory infections, etc., this year. It's ridiculous!

Wednesday, though, was really nice. It was Valentine's day, and despite the major snow storm that started the week, I had a great time. I raced out the door when work was over, then went straight home where I picked out an outfit that would be romantic-yet-warm. I smacked on some makeup, fussed with my hair a tiny bit, then grabbed the card I made for Tom and rushed to meet him in the Village.

We met at La Paella for Spanish food. The restaurant is beautiful, with candlelit tables and thousands of dried roses hanging in bunches from the ceiling. Our paella was scrumptious. We exchanged presents. Tom regularly drinks four cups of coffee-type-beverages a day, so I got him a little espresso machine so he can have coffee when we're hanging out at my apartment. He got me a box of Godiva chocolates. His students teased him that it was a cliche gift. "Well," I replied, "I don't think they understand how much I love chocolate." Then we went to a little cafe called Sistine. It's walls were stained-glass windows, lit from behind. There Tom had an esspresso and I had some apple cider.

Today was a long day of teaching followed by parent teacher conferences. Now I'm home. I'm going to call my mom and wish her a belated Happy Valentine's Day, and then I'm going to sleep!


Gwen said...

*hugs* wishing you were here. it's been a crazy week for roomie. (I'm not allowed to post her drama, as it belongs to her) I'm glad that you are finally feeling better though. We've been sickies here too. I'm glad that you and Tom 2.0 are doing so well. It sounds like it is a much more relaxed relationship than Tom 0.5 ;-) Relaxed relationships are very nice I think (only speaking from my own relaxed one) I've posted some, fyi

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there, too, though I am currently visiting my grandparents in Arizona and having a nice time.

You know, I never should have refered to my boyfriend as Tom 2.0. It was cute at the time, and a complimentary idea (because he's the new, improved Tom), but I'm having a hard time breaking my friends and relatives from the habit.

From now on, the ex is Mr. B. (if he must be referred to at all) and my boyfriend is Tom (the one and only. I think I'll have to create a specific post on the matter. ;)