Sunday, January 28, 2007


I had hoped to finish my grad school applications yesterday. Did that happen? No. Was is procrastination, my old nemesis? No, it was illness, my secondary nemesis. What I had thought was allergies turned out to be a Mack Truck of a cold that knocked me flat. As I don't have time for a drawn out illness and recovery, I put on a full-on assault.

I stayed in bed most of the day. I drank more water than I thought possible, ate two oranges and drank two glasses of orange juice, ate carbs and took acidophilus so the citric acid wouldn't hurt my tummy, took vitamins, used Zicam, took some decongestants, gargled salt water, gargled hydrogen peroxide and used some ear drops. I blew my way through half a box of tissues and repeatedly applied antibiotic ointment to my Rudolfesque schnoz.

Today...I'm not perfect, but I feel so much better! My nose is only slightly pink. I'm using significantly fewer tissues-per-hour. I'm hocking up fewer loogies. I'm continuing my health regimine, but I now have the energy to get some work done, too. Yay!

In happier news, I'm going to visit my grandparents in Arizona for midwinter break. Spending five February days in Arizona sounds heavenly. More importantly, it will give me some quality time with my grandparents and Aunt Sandy. Yay! This will also be a chance to interview my Staker grandparents (I've already interviewed the Kileys and the Gilbaughs.)

So today's to-do list: Cure cold. Finish grad school apps. Finish grading students. Plan lessons. Dishes. Prepare lunch for tomorrow. Piece of cake, right? Hee.

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