Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanks were given.

Last year I had a nice Thanksgiving. I loved seeing the Macy's parade (see bad photo at left). I loved how friendly all the New Yorkers were. I then went back to my apartment where I prepared a microwave turkey dinner which I ate while talking on the phone to my family back in Iowa and watching A Christmas Story on TV. It was a nice day, but whenever I mention it to people, they moan a pitying moan and look at me like I just "came down with cancer of the puppy." (That's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer quote.)

Anyway, this year was quite different because I went home with Mr. B. in Eastchester. Their house is beautiful and fancy but lacks a bit in coziness. When we arrived, I introduced myself to his mom and sister. They both gave me really weird looks. Then I excused myself to the bathroom and heard them laughing. You see, whenever Mr. B talked to them about me, he used my last name (which sounds like a first name). When I introduced myself as Erin, they thought I was some girl other than the one he had planned to bring to dinner. But we got that cleared up. I played with the children, charmed the babies, bantered with the gentlemen of the family and helped the ladies in the kitchen. After dinner, they all teased Mr. B. saying that I was alright and fit right in...perhaps better than him, and that they weren't sure about Mr. B, but I'm welcome at family events anytime.

After dinner, Mr. B. and I went to the basement to watch Meet The Fockers. His mom asked us to stay the night, saying we seemed sleepy and she didn't want us tangling with holiday drunks on the road. We conceded. His bed is comfy, but we fought over the covers. The next morning, Mr. B. tickled my feet until I was screaming with laughter. When we left his room, much of the family was gathered in the kitchen. I think Mr. B must have warned his mom that I'm kind of old fashioned and a little weirded out by sharing a room with him in his parents' house because his mother came up to me and whispered, "Don't be embarassed. We're not ones to judge. I mean, my mother lives with her boyfriend!" She then waved at her mom who was puttering around the kitchen. "Okay...thanks," I replied, probably blushing a bit. All blushing aside, it went well.

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