Thursday, November 24, 2005

Double blogger

Happy Turkey Day!

If you check my profile, you might notice that I have one blog listed, and it is not The Shepherd's Daughter. That is because, as of last night, this is my secret blog. Girl Out of the Country (as in "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl") is my public blog. I copied over (and back-dated) most of the entries from this blog, removing anything that would constitute too much information for the majority of my friends and family. If I remember correctly, the only ones who I've told about The Shepherd's Daughter are Rose, Val, Lex and Kelly. If any of you think you'd prefer the censored version, feel free to make the jump. Those of you who like getting all the dirt should stick with The Shepherd's Daughter.


janXjoplin said...

Hmmm.....we may need to see more pics of Mr. B. We need to figure his hotness quotient before we can pass judgement. ( and we will pass judgement, oh yes, we will.)

BTW, we started watching Firefly. It's awesome.

your irreverent Vali

Erin said...

Yeah, Firefly rules.

I'm not quite sure about my judgement of Mr. B., either. I like him, but things are getting so serious so fast. Call me, Vali. I tried calling you, but I must have entered your number into my phone wrong.

There is much to discuss, some of which I would rather not publish online.