Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dead Men Dreaming

Well, now it is totally June 17, and I am completely not backdating this entry, either. It was a busy week at work, which included turning in grades. Friday I went out with my girls as usual. Saturday was another Bocce match. Rolling Thunder was triumphant once again. Then Tom and I had to go get ready for his brothers’ concert.

Tom’s brothers, Rich and Paul, are in a metal band called Dead Men Dreaming. They’re pretty popular and managed to land a concert at the Blender Theater. While walking to the theater, we saw the fanciest Home Depot ever, so I had to get a picture. Tom and I got to the Blender Theater early, snapped a photo of the Marquis, then went next door for pizza.

Rich found us there. He was trying to play it cool, but he was obviously psyched for their dressing room, nice bathroom, photo shoot and free supply of Guiness. Paulie caught up with us, and was quite amped, as well.

While they were setting up, Tom and I went for a walk to Madison Square Park, where we saw these amazing life-sized metal sculptures of trees, so I had some more photography fun.

Next was the concert, where I made a slight mistake. Earlier in the day I took a Benadryl for sinus pain…which I forgot when Tom asked me, “Do you want a drink?” I had some ridiculous girly drink, which the bartender mixed a bit strong…and which should not have been combined with antihistamines. Seriously. I was asleep on my feet…at a heavy metal concert!

Tom’s brothers were pretty good, and hopefully people thought my head was nodding in time to the music, as opposed to me nodding off. I was only caught twice, once by a concerned woman who probably thought I was passing out or overdosing from heavy drug use and once after the concert by Tom’s family, who were amused. I had to go home early. Just a reminder, folks: read the warning labels on medications and act accordingly.

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