Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Friday I posted after settling up my credit card bill. For once, I stayed in on a Friday night, tidying up my room, doing my dishes, taking a bath and all that excitement.

The next day I got together with Tom. We ran to Best Buy where he purchased some video cassettes (to tape a lesson to complete his certification) and I bought a new digital camera!

My old one was getting crankier and crankier, and the resolution was such that with any digital adjustments, the pictures looked great on the computer but the prints came out all pixelated. To my non-computery readers, let me explain: old camera = bad photo prints. Also, its disk was having errors, and I couldn't find a replacement.

So Best Buy had a nice little digital camera on sale, so I snapped it up. The software is driving me nuts, but I LOVE MY CAMERA! Then we went to a famous Brooklyn spot, L & B Spumoni Gardens. I got crema, he got pistachio, and it turns out pistachio is DELICIOUS. Green nuts are yummy. Who knew?

We went back to his place to pick up tickets to a modern dance recital his students were putting on at John Dewey High in Coney Island, Brooklyn. I pestered him, trying out my camera. He tried not to look annoyed. Then we hopped in the car, drove to Sahara's for some Mediterranean food (Tom drank some crazy coffee that left a giant lump in his cup -- see photo) and then we went to Dewey. I stood around awkwardly while he chatted with his coworkers. About 15 minutes later, he stuttered, "Oh, I'm really rude!" and finally introduced me. They were a funny bunch of people, teasing and laughing.

The show itself was amazing (Note: the picture at left is not from the show. It was the best modern dance picture I could quickly find online that wasn't full of...well, white people.). I liked the costumes and the choreography (although once in a while the choreographer went for "Ooh, this is challenging" over "This hits the right emotional cord"). However, the second dancer was so moving she made me cry. I think I managed to swipe away all the tears without getting caught. Some acts had so much energy, it was hard to stay in your seat. "I told you," Tom said, "I wouldn't have had you come if it wasn't good."

Sunday was about groceries and such, and during the work week I learned that my test scores weren't enough to appease my boss after all. Now I may have to go through the drama of filing grievances with the union. IT'S ALL SO EXHAUSTING!

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Gwenda said...

I'm really happy to hear you sounding like yourself again. When do you move? (perhaps that's the wrong question to ask when you're finally sounding like you again ;-) )