Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rolling Thunder, continued.

After the match, we went to Dom and Tori’s house to hang out for a while. Somehow the guys ended up dancing, and somehow (beer?) Dom ended up dropping trou.

Soon we girls piled into a car to drive to a party. The guys walked. I have no idea whose party it was, but they had an amazing apartment. Their air conditioner, however, was no match for the number of guests it was trying to cool. We went back and forth from the apartment to the front stoop to cool off.

At one point, the girls and I were sitting on the floor, chatting. Then Tom walked up behind me. On a whim, I grabbed his leg and said, “Check it out: Black Snake Moan.” Or any of those movie posters where the girl grabs the guy’s leg for that matter. Britt thought it was so funny she snapped a picture, which Tom has subsequently made his Facebook picture. Sigh.

The evening ended with people doing silly dances. I did the Roger Rabbit for the crowd and Becker did the Worm. Heee. Then we all went home for some much needed rest.

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