Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy weekend!

Memorial Day weekend should be a calm one. My friends and I decided to take it easy after our road trip last weekend.

It was a weekend of mixed emotions for me. Saturday would have been my graduation day, but I had to postpone until August. Now I don't know if I'll have a ceremony at all. So I was bummed. But it was my friend Carolina's birthday, so my girls and I decided to drive down to a casino in Connecticut. Carolina found a dirt-cheap (but nice) hotel room online. We did a little gambling and Saturday we went to Mystic, home of Mystic Pizza. We shopped and ate at the famous restaurant and had an all-around nice time. That night I was a little depressed, and it didn't help that Laura and Reesa were constantly calling or texting their boyfriends (at least three times a day each).

I've always believed that when you're hanging out with your girls, you should focus on your girls. When I brought this up with them, they told me, "You don't understand because you're not in love." Mmm-hmm.

First of all, I maintain that even if I were in love, I'd limit it to one call a day. He'd be lucky to get that, frankly. Second of all, that's sensitive of them. Especially since I recently got my heart a little smushed at the end of the most serious relationship I've ever had. Thanks, guys. But Carolina talked me through it, and by the end of the night she and I were shimmying it off on the dance floor.

Tonight I'll watch a movie and go to bed early. Tomorrow I'm going to Target (which is like a day trip here) and tomorrow night I'll go out with my ladies. Sunday I plan to go to church and then get my work done so that I can relax all day Monday. Relaxation, Yay!

That said, it's kind of a strange "celebration." It's supposed to be a day to remember the sacrifices those who died to protect our nation. In Iowa Mom and I would go place flowers and flags on the graves of our relatives, but here it gets lost in the picnicking and the sales. It's such a serious subject and I try to keep it in mind. I hope you do, too.


Gwen said...

Harmony thinks that it's cool you got to go to Mystic.
Celebration or no, graduating is a huge achievement. We are very proud of you!
Also, I agree with having a girls weekend. When I go out of town on trips I tell my sweetie that he prolly won't talk to me much, if at all. I let him know that we arrive safely at our destination, and when we arrive home. In between he might get one call a day, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a fun town, and she'd like it. It has pretty seaside scenery, great shops and pizza that's "a little slice of heaven."

Thanks for the graduation props. Wow. By the end of June, I'll have my Master's Degree! I can hardly believe it.

And thank you for confirming that having boundries doesn't mean you don't care about your significant other. I'm glad to hear that it's not just me.