Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hot night. And ow.

I had a great weekend. I went to a "Fellows Happy Hour." Actually, the only Fellows there were me, Sara and Caroline, but some of their friends were there, too. They were really fun people. I was wearing makeup and a cute little dress and had my hair down and naturally wavy. Sara didn't recognize me at first.

"Wow! You clean up good! I was thinking, 'Who is that beautiful girl walking in here?' And then I realized it was you! Seriously. You look great."

Heh. On the one hand, she was so complimentary about how nice I looked. On the other hand, do I look that bad normally? Well, to be fair, she usually only sees me right after a hard day of teaching.

It was great to have new conversations with new people. Then I met up with Madrid, Jen, Laura, Carolina, Jenny, Reesa and Pete. We chatted and drank for a while. Then Madrid and Jen took off and the rest of us went dancing at Opal. Laura, Carolina and I stayed the longest, shimmying into the early-morning hours. We were the hottest girls in the room, though not the prettiest. You see, the Opal crowd is rather preppy. The other girls were all so concerned about their hair and makeup and manicures. We were just concerned with dancing with abandon. That attracted the men like flies! But in the end, we shooed them all away and Carolina even drove me home. Yay!

This week has gone by quickly, but the kids have been stressing me out so much I'm getting stabbing pains in my stomach. My pre-ulcer hasn't been this exacerbated in years. I've put myself on a bland diet, and I hope that will help for now. I had been thinking about staying at my school, but I guess this means I need to look for a new place to work.

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