Friday, February 20, 2009

I quit you: Private Practice (and Grey's Anatomy?)

I quit you, Private Practice. One of the most amazing things about Grey's Anatomy is that they brought in Addison Shepherd-Montgomery to break up Meridith and Derrick, but made us grow to love her. We loved her, even though she cheated on McDreamy with his best friend. She was smart, funny and (poison oak notwithstanding) classy.

When Private Practice started, it had a lot of the light-hearted fun that GA has been missing lately. Okay, so the patients of the week seem more emotionally manipulative...and the soundtrack isn't as good as Grey's. So the characters are starting to act like they're in junior high...and this show has Broadway luminaries, but they never sing. Okay, so the awesome Dell never does anyhing anymore...You know what? Not okay. I'm a busy woman, and I don't have time for a show that requires me to make this many excuses for it. Addy, Naomi, and Dell you are welcome to cross-over any time. See you in Seattle.

Maybe...because I might quit you, Grey's Anatomy. Thankfully, the ghost sex has come to a close. I loved the original storyline. Dr. Izzie Stephens fell in love with heart patient Denny, who died of complications. It made me sob out loud like a little girl. (The last time a tv show made me cry that hard was when Stone died of AIDS on General Hospital, and that was a long time ago.) As such, I was okay with Denny being back as a ghost/hallucination, even a bit psyched. But the writers drew it out too long, took it too far (GHOST SEX, PEOPLE!), and are resolving it soooo sloooowly.

In general, everyone at Seattle Grace is just too sad right now. Grey's Anatomy used to be sexy doctor fun with a little drama and angst mixed in. Now it's drama and angst and doctoring with just a little sexiness and fun mixed in. Give us more fun, more Alex, and more George! While I'm making wishes, can I also have cocky old Christina and spunky old Izzy? Writers, you recently gave back old Bailey. Keep going. You can do it!

On the plus side? Christina and Hunt make my heart flutter. Sigh! That is all.


Tenacious V said...

I quit Grey's and Private Practice last year after the strike. I realized that I didn't wonder what had happened to any of the characters any more, so I just stopped. I'd heard about the Ghost Sex and figured I wasn't missing much!

On another note, I'm glad that there is another creative writer out there who watches TV. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one...

Anonymous said...

Valli, I know what you mean. I suspect more writers watch TV than are willing to 'fess up to it. There are a lot of amazing shows that anyone should be proud to watch. Now I'm trying to cull my watching habits down to those shame-free few.