Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shoe Ew.

I recently saw this on a fashion blog, and all I can say is, yes. Too square. Hideously square. The flats aren't as egregious as the Herman-Munster-in-Drag heels at left, but no. No-No-No-No-NO. Not cute. Never gonna be cute. Buy uber-cheap knock-offs if you must perpetuate this ridiculousness, but please don't do it. It will just confirm fashion designers' belief that they can sell us anything as long as they convince a few celebs to wear them first.

Remember, it's a business. Fancy shoe designers have finally talked women into spending $400 on top-shelf high heels. $400 shoes don't wear out easily, so how do they keep women buying? By manipulating trends so that last year's Jimmy Choo shoes are now out. Don't buy into it, ladies.

Also, the return of the chunky heel? Well, this one is more borderline. At least a chunky heel gives added stability and, unlike a stiletto, will not get stuck in a subway grate or manhole cover...not that that's ever happened to me. The picture I found at left is not as square as some, but the average chunky heel is not doing your leg any favors. If you want comfort, go with flats. For height and stability, try an elegantly-sculpted wedge. If you're going to go to the trouble of contorting your foot with a high heel, pick one that makes your legs look long and slender. It's just common sense! Okay, end of shoe rant.

P.S. if you have some truly adorable pictures of square-toed shoes that will win me over, send them my way. I've been wrong before...I just suspect this isn't one of those times.

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