Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kitties and gimmies.

Please click this link and watch the animated video, "Wake-up Cat." It is adorable and hilarious and reminds me of the cats I've had (not to name names or anything...TUT!).

A while back, I jokingly posted a link to my wish list. Yesterday, I chatted with my mom, and now she might use the thing for real, so here's the link again. I always have trouble coming up with a Christmas list on the fly, so I figure this is easier. If Mom wants, she can shop for me without leaving the house. It's like writing a letter to Santa, only electronic!

On the other hand, it feels a little too gimme-gimme-gimme. Here's how most stuff got on there: I would think to myself, "I want Thing X, but I don't need it right now" or "I need thing Y, but I can't afford it right now." Then, when I had a little extra money*, I'd go to the list and buy a little treat. Instead of grabbing some random thing in a store, it was always something I'd wanted for a while. That made it a little more special, and that way I never had buyer's remorse. The wish list is window shopping. I get the fun of shopping without spending any money.

I probably won't have any "extra money" for a long while. I'm going to have to get creative for gifts this year, too. Is it too late to learn to knit and make copious scarves? Never mind. I barely have time to get all my work done as it is, and I bet really pretty yarn is as expensive as many nice presents I would buy. You've got a link to what I want for Christmas. In the comments section, post what you're asking Santa for.

*Extra money was money left over after bills were paid and a portion was put into savings.

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