Sunday, July 08, 2007

Happy July 4!

Oh, it’s vacation, indeed! July 3, Tom performed the amazing culinary feat of consuming 11 portions of meat (sausages, burgers, brats, etc.) at Mike and Britt’s barbecue/housewarming. Wow, is their new duplex amazing! We ate and ate. Then someone started smoking and I had an asthma attack. For some strange reason, I forgot my inhaler. I went inside and lie down and tried to slow my breathing. Eventually I felt better and went outside. I chose a part of the patio farthest from the smoker. Then he stopped smoking, and I was quite happy…until they lit up and my asthma started up AGAIN! Grr. I went back inside, but soon it was smoky in there, too, so I had to leave. Sigh. Oh, well.

Then next day, the whole crew met up for a free July 4 concert in Battery Park, Middle Lake and The New Pornographers (their name is the only thing racy about them. They’re actually very mellow). It was a nice concert. Sometimes my view was awesome…sometimes not so much (see demonstrating photos below). Then it started to rain, and some of the rude people opened umbrellas. Okay, if you must be perfectly dry at an outdoor concert, there are non-rude options: 1-wear a rain poncho, 2- stand off to the side or in the back where your umbrella won’t block other people’s views. That’s just how I feel.

We then went to Brooklyn for Mexican food, a Bocce scrimmage (they’re REALLY into that game) and fireworks. Well, Tom and I went for the fireworks. Everyone else decided to stay in the bar. Oh, well, their loss. The next day, I sorted out a few boxes to get rid of some belongings and consolidate others while Tom was with his parents. When he came back, we went to the movies and saw Knocked Up, which was pretty funny.

Friday afternoon Tom and I went to Coney Island. I had never been. We walked up and down the boardwalk. Then we rode the Cyclone, a wooden rollercoaster that just turned 80. It rattled my teeth and bruised my arms and I screamed until my throat hurt.

By that time, Debra and her friends were off work and joined up with us. We got in line for hotdogs at Nathan’s. It was the longest, slowest line EVER! Then we were finally at the front. As Tom grabbed his greasy hot dog with sauerkraut and onions, I was hit with a wave of nausea. “I have to go sit down,” I told him. But halfway between the stand and our table, the nausea hit so strong that I ended up crouched on the sidewalk.

Eventually I saw the table where Debra, Sheena and Carl were sitting. I took a deep breath, launched myself over there and sat with my head on the table. But I could smell their food, so then I lie down on the bench. “What’s the matter, Erin,” they asked. “Are you okay? You want some water?” I could barely answer them. But soon it passed. I managed to eat my supper and drink my Sprite. We suspect I was foiled again by Benadryl. I had taken some that morning, and though I drank a lot of water, when on antihistamines you need so much more!

Whatever. The point is, I felt all better in time for…the Burlesque show! Okay, some Burlesque shows are clever and sassy. The one we went to was more along the lines of trashy.

Then we went on THE WONDER WHEEL! It was wonderful, indeed. The Wonder Wheel is a giant Ferris wheel. The story goes that a guy once proposed to a girl and she said, “I’ll marry you if you buy me the Wonder Wheel.” He saved up and somehow did it. She married him, and the ride is still owned by that family. The wheel has two kinds of cars, stationary and moving. The moving cars swing and slide. I just thought it would swing, so when it slid, I almost jumped out of my skin. When I got past the shock, it was so much fun!

Then we went out to the boardwalk for fireworks. They were set to such patriotic music as “God Bless America,” “Proud to be an American” and “Eye of the Tiger.” The fireworks were set off so close to the boardwalk that, by the end, we were engulfed by a cloud of smoke. (P.S. Isn't my new digital camera's fireworks setting awesome?)

Saturday was Madrid and Chris’ one year anniversary. I straightened my hair and even painted my nails for the occasion. We all met up at Prohibition. I ordered a scrumptious frozen raspberry margarita, of which I slurped up every last drop. It was so nice to all sit together and talk and joke and laugh. Madrid and Chris are one of the happiest married couples I know. It makes me happy that they found each other and they make each other so happy.

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Anonymous said...

Yo! T and I loved Coney Island for the fourth. I'm a little jealous. Are you going to Siren, because if you haven't been it's a great show!