Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm still sick and he's still hot.

School's out! Yay! Grad school class is done! Yahoo! Next week I turn in my portfolio, and then I'm ALL DONE with my Master's Degree! Hooray!!!

Okay, I think I just used up my exclamation point quota for the month.

The last day of school, several of my students (See photo at above of them actually being kind of cute) flipped out because I didn't give them thier report cards. Of course, I didn't give them their report cards because I didn't have their report cards because they didn't turn in all of their text books. One threw a chair. So any temptation to be sentimental about leaving my seventh graders was quickly assuaged. I will miss my eighth graders, though...especially the ones I taught in seventh grade, too. I hope all goes well for them in high school and in life.

Today was my last day of my Fordham class, and afterwords, Chris, Erin M. and I were talking. Chris asked if we wanted to hang out. I said sure, but Erin said no. I decided I'd rather hang out with Erin, so I told Chris I'd changed my mind. You see, I thought Erin wanted to ditch him, and I decided I'd rather hang out with her than him. But it turned out it wasn't a rouse. She really did have plans, because it was her sister's birthday.

"Why didn't you go with them?" Erin M. asked.
"I don't know."
"You ruined his night. You know that, right?"
"I did not. I don't think he's interested. He is all about Nicole. Besides, he didn't ask for my number when we went for coffee."
"I think he was working his way up to it. I think he was going to ask you tonight."

Then mom called and I told her I was still sick, so she suggested something for me at the health food store. After I went for it, I began to wonder what would have happened with I'd gone out with Chris, Mike and Alexis. So I thought, "Maybe they're at Lincoln Park. If they are, I'll hang out with them. If not, I guess it's not meant to be." But, out off all the bars in NYC, they were there. Chris was surprised and amused that I found them. We laughed quite a bit, especially when we split a cab uptown. There was an awkward moment on the cabride, however, when he and Nicole had a fight on the phone.

I think I'm in the friend zone with Chris because of the way he talks to me about other girls. Anyway, at the end of the cab ride, he said, "You should call me and we'll hang out this weekend." I said, "I can't. I don't have your number." "Well, we can fix that," he replied and we entered it into my phone. And that's exhibit two that I'm in the friend zone: He gave me his number instead of asking for mine. But that's okay. It's so much fun talking to him. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much.


Kelly said...

Hope you're feeling better!! :) Can't wait to see you when you're back in the Land O' Corn....

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