Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who's reading this thing?

Nobody responded to my last post. I began to wonder who actually reads this blog, if anyone at all. I inserted a counter (which I started off with the number of posts I've made since I started the blog). The counter shows how many people visit the blog. If they were referred from other web sites, the counter tells me which ones.

People are visiting, yay! In fact, more people are reading this blog than I had suspected. You all are just really quiet and non-comment-y.

A surprising number of my new visitors are here looking at my recipes, so I'm contemplating making this a cooking blog. I like simple, affordable recipes, so maybe I could call it "Cheap and Easy." Oh, my roommate Todd informs me that readers might get the wrong idea. Hmm. Scrap that, then.

Should I change the blog to attract more readers? I could post more often with shorter posts. I could make all my posts on one topic or gimmick. I could also make comments on more popular blogs to attract readers. Or instead of worrying about the number of readers, I could work on crafting more entertaining entries for the readers I already have.

If you have any suggestions, let me know. Don't be shy!

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