Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Campbell wedding and my nieces' birthday!

When I was a child, it drove me crazy that my parents left my brother and I in their will to people I barely knew, the Campbells. They lived on the other side of the state, had several children, and even a slightly different religion (Catholicism). Why would my parents expose me to such upheaval in an already traumatic time? Well, Saturday was my second Campbell wedding, and with each one, I get it a little bit more.

A Campbell wedding involves many gorgeous people crying happy tears. The ugliest person in a Campbell wedding would likely be the prettiest person at a normal wedding. Not only that, the family is smart and funny and very kind. No one can have everything, so it’s tempting to be jealous and dislike them, but they’re so nice that you can’t. They also enjoy partying, which takes the edge of their perfection. Sigh. Such marvelous people. Their oldest son was getting married to a lovely blonde girl. The oldest sister gave a speech about a childhood game they played together, and made everyone weep.

The reception began with funny speeches. By the end of the night, my parents were boogying, and Boyd Campbell, father of the bride, was deep into his cups, as they used to say. He began telling stories about my parents back went Boyd and my dad were fraternity brothers. He also expounded on Mom’s hotness back then. I’ve seen the pictures. Mom was, indeed, hot. “I’m still hot,” mom later said. I replied that back then she dressed like it.

Poor Mom. I sometimes give her a hard time, because she tends to dress in clothing that is too old for her or too much like her students. Many elementary school teachers in the Midwest have a tendency to dress in loose denim jumpers and holiday sweaters. Sigh. Working with kids doesn’t require dressing like them. Maybe it’s my theater background, but I am a firm believer that how you dress affects how you act and feel. If you want to be a hot mama, and you feel like a hot mama, dress like one. I’m not saying she should wear provocative clothes, just elegant clothes that fit well and flatter her figure.

“I want you to look as good as you feel. Besides,” I reminded her with a laugh, “Guys gauge the way you’ll age by your mother.”

“Oh,” she laughed, “The true motives come out!”

Today was a birthday party for my adorable redhead nieces, Courtney Rose (2) and Brooke Noelle (4). All six of my grandparents, my parents, J.B. and Erika were also in attendance. The irls had a rand time petting Scooter (the mini-poodle), Hooligan (the cat) and—warily—Mac (the rambunctious Border Collie).

They also enjoyed the balloons, cake and presents. Brooke opened my present first, and I accidentally caused a spot of trouble. It was a large copy of Peter Pan, Brooke’s favorite Disney movie these days. She wanted to read it instead of opening presents, but eventually we convinced her. For Courtney, I got four books on animals. She loves animals, and flipped through the books naming each one.

It was so good to see them. I only wished they could stay longer.

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