Friday, April 11, 2008

Homework, lemon cookies, taxes and a visitor!

This week was busy and stressful, and things probably won’t get better until finals are over (May 9--so close and yet so far). I spent the weekend reading doing research for a big paper on Zora Neale Hurston's Moses: Man of the Mountain due Tuesday. I also had lots of work due Wednesday and Thursday in other classes. There just wasn’t enough time! I kept the TV off and the lights on, working late into each night Argh. SO TIRED!

To de-stress, I made the world’s quickest and easiest lemon cookies (cake mix + vegetable oil + heat = soft, chewy lemony deliciousness). Then, due to stress, I ate all 40 cookies in four days. Oops. To atone, I got up earlier each day to exercise, but if I’m chubbier the next time you see me? Now you know why.

Today I taught my class, then filed my taxes. There were many forms to be filled out since I moved mid-year, so H&R Block was expensive, but worth it, because at least it’s done. YAY! Last night I managed to track down a bank statement online with most of my moving expenses, which I managed to deduct. I’m very proud. Now I can’t wait for my refund to arrive, along with my economic stimulus package bonus-thingee!

Unfortunately, I’ll probably owe some New York City and New York state taxes since the New York Public School System persisted in believing I lived in Iowa for most of the three years I worked for them. Man, that’s some commute! I got them to finally fix it part way through the year, though, so at least I should owe less than last year. I say “should” because H&R Block told me they had to send my multi-state taxes to some special office. The New York H&R Block didn’t do that when I had half-Iowa, half-New York taxes. What’s up with that? Oh, well. I should still come out ahead financially—Hello, tickets to Iowa!

The only other news of the week is that Todd’s girlfriend Lauren is visiting. He is so psyched! She is adorable. Fairytale princess adorable. Dressed-by-woodland-creatures-hair-braided-by-birdies adorable. And she's smart and funny. I love it when my guy friends’ girl friends are great and do not irrationally dislike me. It’s refreshing.

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