Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday I was tired and stressed, but Madrid convinced me to come for drinks right after work. I was tired and sweaty, but I agreed. We met up with Laura, Carolina, Jenny Levy, and two of her friends. We snacked and sipped and had a lovely time. Then Jenny's friend said, "Hey, did you notice the vagina mirror?" "WHAT?" I sputtered. "In the bathroom! There is a full-length mirror opposite...where you sit. Your sitting there and all of a sudden you look up and...hello! Vagina mirror." Anyhoo, Jenny is pals with the bartender. She made up a shot for us and said we could name it. The name seemed...obvious. I thought the bartender was going to fall over laughing.

The group broke apart. Then I was going to meet up with Tom and his friends. There were some really irritating train snafus...which are so irritating I'm not even going to make you read about them. Suffice it to say, by the time I got there, his friends were all gone. Grr. But I forced myself to cheer up fast. Part of being a good girlfriend is not being a drag, and with all Tom has to hear about my job, I don't have many drag points to spare.

Saturday, we went to his parents' house. They have a lovely pool and hot tub in the back yard. Also, his mom made the most delicious pina coladas I've ever tasted. "Here," she would say, "have some more. And I didn't put in enough rum. Here, have more rum." Mmmmm, I thought, so this is what alcoholism tastes like. Then Tom's dad grilled us some delicious food. We swam, chatted with his family and soaked up rays. I got a little sunburned.

Sunday we went to Brookyln's Tom's Diner. Everyone there was really friendly. The staff handed out orange slices. We got there early, but I've heard if you come later there's a line around the block, and they give you orange slices and cookies on line. Then we walked through Prospect Park. We bought bagel sandwiches and picnicked in the park. Then we joined up with Debra at Metropolitan for barbecue. Eventually, it was just too crowded, so we went to meet up with Dom, Tori, Becker and Mike. Mike had broken up with his girlfriend. She was nice, but...well, it's just one of those things, I guess. They weren't getting along well enough.

I began to feel woozy...whether from heat or dehydration or alcohol or the smokers nearby...who knows. But I pushed through it and found my partying-second-wind. We ended up playing Truth or Dare, of all things! Tori was disappointed I wasn't drinking and had the bartender invent me a drink, The Joy Machine. Wow. Two original drinks in one weekend! Monday we had breakfast, watched some cartoons, then Tom made me delicious pasta. Then I went home to grade papers. I didn't get enough done, but then when do I ever?

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