Saturday, April 28, 2007

I turn 27 tomorrow!

It's been a rough, busy couple of weeks. I got all self-absorbed. I forgot to call Harmony for her birthday and Erika for her birthday and Gwen for her birthday. Sorry, guys! It's only when my birthday came that I realized how lax I'd been.

Honestly, I couldn't deal with my own birthday until yesterday. What did I want to do? How did I want to celebrate? My friends kept asking, and it made me cranky: not because I don't enjoy celebrating my birthday, but rather because I couldn't decide where to meet and what to do.

As it is, I chose a restaurant with three locations in the city and I'm afraid some of my friends might end up at the wrong one. (Oh, I hope not!) The thing is, it doesn't matter where we go or what we do -- as long as my best NYC friends and I are celebrating together. Wish me luck as I transition from my mid-twenties to my late-twenties.

P.S. Tom gave me dozens of gorgeous tulips! I didn't have a vase big enough, so I had to chop the top off a juice jug. (It was Tom's suggestion. He's a problem solver.) Aren't they pretty? And they've been getting prettier as they perk up and open a bit. It's so nice to receive flowers.

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Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Erin!! I hope everyone found their way to your celebration... Miss you!