Monday, December 11, 2006

Rocking the Holidays at Rockerfeller Center

Kelly came to visit, YAY!

Knowing that she was coming on Friday, Tom and I decided to get together on Thursday. We met up at Rockerfeller Center and snapped a few photos. Then we went to see a cool Christmas window display. After that, Tom took me to see a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Then we went to lovely Mill Korean. I love that place. It serves lots of yummy food quickly for a reasonable price. It was also nice to go out with him on a weekday. It gave me something to look forward to when I was at work. Then he stayed over. Friday morning, it was so nice to have him there. Getting up was...less terrible.

Friday night Kelly got in late (delay and change of airport), and Tom was sweet enough to drive me to pick her up. We slept in the next day, then took a bus to LaGuardia to get her luggage.

We also went to see Morningside Park, St. John's Cathedral and the nearby Peace Fountain. I also took her down to the village where we explored the holiday market. We went to Frutti Di Mare for scrumptious Italian food. Then I bought an adorable hat. (Argh, splurge! Why must I spend, why?)

We met up with Laura and Riza later for drinks and dancing. Riza was sad (boyfriend trouble), so I drew smiley faces on her knees.

We went from place to place looking for a fun place to dance, but none were working out. An old fave, Opal, completely changed formats. (No more dancing. Why?) Then I had a the beginning of a brilliant idea, but not the mental capacity to finish it. "Laura, what's that place we go to and dance and it's like a basement and there're these benches?" "Ooh, yes, let's go there. What's it called?" Then Laura had to make about 10 phone calls before she reached someone who remembered the club's name and location.

Niagra! Oh, Niagra, how we love you and your stage and your raised dancing platform. We drank and danced on the floor and the stage.

During the go-go dancer's break, Riza asked me to take over her platform. I agreed, but only if she came with me. We had quite a captivated audience...well, the guys, at least. At about 3:45, we went for munchies at the diner across the street, 7A. By a little after 5, we were home and in bed.

Sunday we didn't make it out of bed until after noon. We had some cereal, then went to see the adorable Kristin Chenowith in a musical, The Apple Tree, which was delightful. Then we went shopping at H&M, followed by Chinese food.

Later we spent Kelly's last night in the city back at Rockerfeller Center so she could see the tree. It made me feel like a child, somehow. I think the tree is bigger this year than when I've seen it in the past, like a recently-living skyscraper. On the other hand, maybe it's the same size. Maybe seeing the tree is like that every year: it always seems new -- bigger and brighter.

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