Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Marathon Date

Last week, Tom and I scheduled a date for Saturday afternoon just in case. You see, Tom is a Mets fan, and was hoping they would win the pennant and continue on their attempt to conquer the world. Or something.

Anyway, that didn't happen. They lost on Thursday. Friday night I went out with my best pals and he with his. Then, as planned, I called him to iron out the details. I was hoping we'd switch to a Saturday night date, thinking that would be a better sign.

"No, why don't we go ahead and get together for brunch?"

I was a bit disappointed, but agreed, suggesting we meet up at Itzocan Bistro, which I adore. The next day, there we were, enjoying a scrumptious breakfast. I had the three chile Eggs Benedict. He had crepes with walnuts and caramel sauce, the only non-egg food on the menu. He doesn't like eggs. I know! He says he's tried to like them, but it's never worked, though he likes just about every other food. I kind of like the anti-eggs thing. It makes him more understanding about the foods I don't like. Wow. With obsessive minutiae like this, it's no wonder I have such a large, riveted readership.

Anyway, after brunch we planned to go to the museum-- perhaps Museo del Bario or Museum of the City of New York. But it was such a gorgeous day we decided to walk around the park for the next three hours, zig-zagging all around. We explored the Conservatory Gardens, circled Harlem Meer, hiked through some rocks, found a few waterfalls and chatted. We somehow ended up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That's where we spent the next few hours. I'd never seen the moon viewing room which was beautiful. Then, sitting on the front steps we engaged in long-term p.d.a., which I'm not used to, but is fun. I was thinking, "Wow. For once I'm one of those couples I'm always seeing, so wrapped up in their own little world."

Then we went to Vol de Nuit, a Belgian Beer Bar where we had mussels and pommes frites and I had a lovely framboise (raspberry flavored) beer. The Bishop girls introduced me to it years ago, and it's the only beer I've ever liked.

Over dinner we discussed lots of things, including the fact that niether of us is into playing games in relationships. So later, he was giving me long, flirty, questioning looks. I looked at him with an eyebrow raised. "Are we laying it all on the table?" He confirmed that we were indeed laying it all on the table.

"Okay. You can come back to my place. We can fool around for a while, but I won't have sex with you. Okay?"

"Let's go!" he exclaimed, grabbing my hand and leading me from the bar. We went back to my apartment and made out for hours. He never pushed the issue, instead making the best possible use of where we were. It was great. He didn't even mind getting up early the next morning so I could go to choir practice and church. He was a bit surprised by it, though. As he put it, "It's just...no one I know goes to church, so it's a bit out of left field." Sunday morning he was a total sweetheart and we shared toaster waffles for breakfast.

Anyway, the marathon date was great. Next weekend I'm taking Tom to Laura's birthday party, which coincidentally falls on his birthday. He's having his own birthday party the following Saturday, to which I am invited. Yes, we're already planning two weeks in advance. And now I've got to pick out a birthday present for a guy I've only had two dates with! If you have to have a problem, that's a pretty good problem to have.

P.S. My job is terrible, but I've decided to just try my best and not dwell.


Kelly said...

Once again, glad to hear things are going so well with Tom 2.0 :)

As for my little quandry...you have NO idea :) It's not what you think... But it's close.

I'm pretty certain you'd give me a talking to if you knew who was involved.

Anonymous said...

I think you must WANT a talking to, from the way you're dropping hints. Should I switch from supportive friend to butt-kicking-what-are-you-THINKING friend?

Kelly said...

Nah, it's not like that. I just feel silly. I know what I need to do and what I should do. I just have to convince MYSELF to do it :)

It's not really THAT big of a deal. I just feel guilty. Normal reaction in the sitch I'm in.

My apologies for being cryptic. I realize venting like this isn't very fair when I'm not willing to give up the details :) I can deal with it--if I really do need help you'll be my first call :)

Gwen said...

i'm really glad that things are going so well with the new and improved Tom. sorry i haven't written lately, it's been nuts around here. i need to post though... mom and dad met nathan last weekend!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you realize I'm here if you need me...because I am. I'm also glad you realize that you know what's right for you. I think we usually do, if we can just trust ourselves enough.


Congrats on the boyfriend meeting the parents! That's a big step. I look forward to an update soon.