Monday, July 10, 2006

Homeless! And sick...again...some more.

So I think I'm still sick. Sick again? Whatever. Now I need to go back to the doctor. Sigh.

But the big news is, I have to find a new apartment. Here is how the story unfolded:

Last week, Clara's cousins were visiting, which was kind of annoying. She constantly has family visiting. That week I gave Clara the checks for July's and August's rent (since I won't be here at the start of the month). At that time, she gave no warning of what was coming. Then, yesterday she says to me, "Erin, when are you moving out?"

"Oh," I replied, "I'm not."
"But Erin," she said, "I told you I needed you to move out."

Eerm...what? Do I have amnesia? Did I block it out?

"When did you say that?"
"Back in April." I looked at her blankly. "I said, 'My family's coming. I need the apartment."
"Clara, that's pretty much what you've said any time your family has come to visit."
"I know, but...well, I thought you understood."
"But you didn't say anything about needing me to move out."
"I didn't want you to feel I was making you leave." (Though that is exactly what she's doing.)
"When did you want me out by?"
"Well...the end of July."

At that point, I sort of wigged out, calling everyone I know in the city. Then Clara told me that I didn't need to worry, because her family could wait a little longer. But I've started looking for a new place and packing, because it'll be stressfull to try to throw it all together at once when I get back in August. Wish me luck.


Gwen said...

please insert a few choice words here about how inconsiderate people can be when they are not upfront with you in the first place :-P

Kelly said...

Maybe she should have just left really big hints around the apartment...without actually "telling" you anything.

Maybe a "It's ____ days until I kick Erin out" calendar on the fridge?

Seriously...good luck with the search, I hope you find something soon that will work well and not stress you out.

See you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. If posting is any indication, you two have surpassed Rose, Val and Lex as my most faithful readers. Unless they're just lurking. Rose doesn't post, and Lex usually only does so when provoked. CyberVal's been MIA for some time now. She made me start a blog, then abandoned hers.

On the Clara topic, now I'm starting to doubt myself. Like maybe I understood Clara back in April, but I was so swamped with work and grad school and thought, "Oh, I'll worry about that later." And then I really DID block it out. But now I'm thinking, "No, EJ, I don't think you're that particular brand of crazy." At least I gave my roomie the benefit of the doubt.

And I'm sure it will all work out...right?

Gwen said...

everything will work out. take a pick at my post "i offer up this prayer:" maybe it will make you feel somewhat better. i hope so. *big hug* just think, if you were wanting to move somewhere else in the states or wherever you want now you can *grins*
oh, and you aren't the crazy. my guess is that because she didn't just say it like she should have you honestly had no idea.

janXjoplin said...

I'm a faithful reader! I just lurk...

Your faithful lurker,