Sunday, March 26, 2006

Flu bug

It's been two weeks since I posted. The Monday and Tuesday after my last post, my students had their big statewide math exam and a nasty stomach flu was going around. Tuesday after the exam, by kids were all stressed out, so I did a readaloud from Freak the Mighty (an excellent book) and started showing the movie version, The Mighty (which is also excellent). I planned to compare them with a Venn Diagram after. The kids were really getting into it. It's a great story of two boys who become friends, and one starts the movie as a struggling reader, but ends it as a writer. Watching my students get so involved, I was smiling. Then I felt like I was going to cry all of a sudden. I wondered what was wrong with me. Some of you who know me well recognize the foreshadowing.

"Hmm...Erin mentioned a stomach flu, and she always gets rather emotional when she's sick..."

Yep. I was violently ill, so I had to yell for someone to watch my room, then run to the bathroom. They sent me home shaking and near tears. I had to walk eight blocks to the subway, then ride the train home, hoping the whole time that I wouldn't be ill again. I called the doctor for an appointment. They told me not to come in, but gave me great advice on how to get better. The next day I felt fine, so I went back to work and finished out the week.

Last week was pretty uneventful. I was swamped with work and grad school, and I was exhausted. Friday after work I went to the doctor because I thought I was sick again. They said it was probably more like "sick still," as it can take weeks to fully recover from the recent stomach flu strain. She also said that my recent weightloss seemed okay: at 127 lbs. I'm still in the healthy range and I have a healthy diet. If I inexplicably lose more, I can meet with the Fordham nutritionist, though. She said to rest up this weekend, so I did. I stayed in all weekend, and now I'm more than a little stircrazy. Wish me luck with the busy week ahead.

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