Monday, December 19, 2005

A fight with my...boyfriend.

Last weekend, darling Laura's boyfriend met up with us.

"Oh, I'd hoped your man-friend-type-person would be here," he said.

"My 'man-friend-type-person?'" I replied.

"Yeah. I didn't know if you'd had the official boyfriend-girlfriend talk."

"We haven't." In truth, I thought the idea of an official boyfriend-girlfriend talk was lame...and yet I found myself broaching the subject with Mr. B.

"So, the other day Ryan said, 'I'd hoped your man-friend-type-person would be here,'" I said.

"Your 'man-friend-type-person'?"

"Yeah, he said he didn't know if we'd had the official talk about what to call each other."

"Ah," he said, laughing, "'man-friend-type-person' works." Heh.

But he officially crossed into Boyfriendland when we had our first fight this weekend. After work we went for drinks with a co-worker. Then Mr. B. said he might order a black and tan. I said I didn't understand how the Guinness floated on top of the other beer because Guinness seems so dense. He tried to explain it to me which just made me feel dense. I tried to understand, but I couldn't, which made me feel frustrated and dumb and insecure. So I said to him, "Forget it." But he tried to continue explaining, so I gave him a whithering look and told him to drop it.

Then, in the car, we began discussing an illegal habit of his. He was talking about how normal his little habit is. I said I think fewer people indulge in it where I'm from, especially teachers. Well, he took this an an invitation for debate and wanted me to statistically back up my opinion. I got annoyed, because everytime he discusses his habit he says the exact same things and only wants to hear what he wants to hear. So again, I said to him, "Forget it."

[AAARGH! What just happened? I finished this blog entry, and a chunk of it just disappeared! Where was I?]

Okay, I said "Forget it," and he went off. He said that I refused to let him be right and that trying to avoid those arguments showed something about my personality. It told him that I probably wouldn't care enough to go through the important arguments (one example he gave was 'the virgin thing.'). There was ranting (on his part) and a little screaming and crying (on my part) but eventually we managed to calmly get our points across. Then he played his guitar for me for the first time. It was really nice. We followed that up with a Ben Stiller movie (Keeping the Faith) an some making out before bed. In the morning, we had a mini-fight (it was an aftershock, really), but were on solid ground by breakfast, during which we flirted over our eggs in the diner.

That night I went out to good old Solas (my favorite bar--above, left) with the ladies. We used to go every Friday, but somehow fell out of the habit. The bartender greeted us warmly and remembered our favorite drinks. The next morning, I made it to church (Park Ave. United Methodist--above, right) for the first time in a month and sang with the choir (Vivaldi and Christmas carols, which I adore). It sounded and felt amazing.

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