Saturday, October 01, 2005

So you think you're an individual...

It's so demoralizing! I thought of myself as creative and unique until I tried to name my blog only to find someone else had beat me to it! I quickly wracked my brains for a more creative name.

I chose The Shepherd's Daughter because I grew up on a sheep farm in Iowa. (My father never would have described himself as a shepherd. He was always bemused by my "artsy-fartsy" way of looking at things). Now I teach English in the South Bronx and live in Spanish Harlem. It's a difficult job, and I'm so far from where I started this life. It's my friends, my family and my writing that get me through it.

I'm obsessed with memoirs right now, and I'm hoping this blog will help me finish my own, one post at a time. I don't know if I'll tell anyone I know that this is here. It might feel like too much pressure. I mean, I've started so many journals in my life, only to write on three or four pages. I did complete one journal, a record of my four years of college. I also filled a cute little 4" by 4" Agatha de la Prada notebook with poetry, events from my life and other assorted jottings. I guess what I'm telling you is that there's a 50-50 chance that this blog will go nowhere. Is there a graveyard for blogs that die?

Maybe some strangers will find their ways here by chance. If so, welcome.

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