Tuesday, April 29, 1980

My Life and my Blog Begin.

Technically, this blog didn't really begin until October 1, 2005. If you want to see the real first entry, go here. The thing is, I've decided to go back and fill in some memories from before the blog began. Where to start, right? So I've started at the very beginning.

I was born on April 29, 1980 at the hospital in Perry, Iowa. My mom had been working that day, teaching special education at Woodward-Granger High School. She was finishing lesson plans and straightening up her classroom while her boss, Larry Blaker, fussed.

It's hard for me to picture him fussing. He was tough and smart, with a militaristic air about him. He also had a nice smile. I think that's how he managed to be liked and stay in the job for so long. (He would remain principal until my sophomore year of High School). Anyway, according to Mom, he was following her around, offering to call her an ambulance. Mom insisted she was fine.
Eventually, Dad came to get her. If I remember correctly, they stopped for shakes on the way.

I wasn't born until early evening. There was soft lighting and music and they placed me in warm water. I stayed there until the umbilical cord stopped pulsing. Then they cut the cord, cleaned out my mouth and dried off my body. Then they put me in my mother's arms. It was such a considerate way to bring me into the world. Kind, but unusual. Maybe it explains a lot about how I've turned out.

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